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The Blank Page

A three-month writing intensive with author, poet, and writing mentor, Dawn Leas.

Fall Back in Love with Your Writing Practice

The Blank Page is a 12-week virtual writing group during which we will write, share, and discuss poetry and prose as we each put one word in front of the other. 

What it’s like inside The Blank Page: 

Receive weekly writing prompts.
Reflect on and write from it.
Post your prompt response by each week in our private Facebook group.
Read and respond to each other’s words with encouraging feedback.
Join a monthly Zoom meeting to check-in, connect, and chat.

At the end of our journey, you’ll have:

12 new pieces of writing
– Oodles of revision suggestions
Colleagues in your writing practice
New confidence to boldly face the blank page as you continue on your writing journey.


Is The Blank Page right for you?

  • Do you…
    ✓ Crave space and time to write your heart out (poetry or prose)
  • ✓ Want to spend the rest of the year cultivating 12 new pieces of writing
  • ✓ Look to connect with other writers in a welcoming and supportive online space
  • ✓ Believe in offering feedback that encourages and inspires revision
  • ✓ Want to challenge yourself to be bold enough to face The Blank Page

I’m Dawn, and I’m your writing coach.

I used to be queen of the “after” statements…
After I finish grad school.
After my sons finish college.
After the winter/spring/summer/fall.

I used to make future plans

I’ll start that poem on Monday. 
I’ll spend the weekend writing.
I’ll go back to that novel next summer. 

I used to dream of when…

When there’s less stress. 
When there’s more time.
When there are less family obligations. 

Sound familiar? 

While these used to be my go-to excuses for putting my writing on hold, they aren’t anymore. Now, writing is part of my daily life. 

Deadlines will loom.
Obligations will pull at your attention. 
Life will happen.

There is no just right. There is no perfect. There’s just now.

Are you ready to say no to your go-to excuses?

The Blank Page is a 12-week journey during which we’ll write, share, and discuss poetry and prose as we each put one word in front of the other.

“Every time I’d see one of your groups starting I’d keep the email in my inbox…… and then the time would pass and I’d delete it. Always with the thought that “this just isn’t the right time”or “I need to commit to this if I’m going to do it.” This time I decided – there would never be the perfect time, so here we go.”
~ Catherine S., participant in the Spring & Fall 2019 Blank Page group. 

Yes. Just yes.

Are you ready to say yes to the story, essay or poem ideas pin-balling around your brain?

Are you ready to say yes to meeting and working with other writers?

Are you ready to say yes to you?

Poetry or prose. Beginners, seasoned, and everyone in-between.
Only requirement – the desire to write your heart out to fill the blank page.